Skateboarding has always been a part of my life and in the past couple of years I wanted to be a part of this community more actively; to make the difference somehow. And I found it by offering my services as video editor and motion graphics designer to promote crowdfunding and local campaigns a couple of years ago.
Web crowdfunding campaign
Vinicios Sardi is a Brazilian skateboarder, para-athlete, who created a fund in partnership with a local skateboarding company in Sao Paulo with the goal to compete in the USA. I reached out to the company and I offered my services to make a video and to boost the crowdfunding campaign on Instagram.

I also shared the campaign on my niche skateboarding Instagram. As you can see in the link below:

Local skate shop supports local families
Back in Recife (my home city) one of the local skate shops promoted a “Best Trick” competition where the skateboarders who wanted to participate had to donate food, clothes, toys or used skateboard parts.

The shop provided prizes such as t-shirts and new skateboard parts for the winners in each category. The donations were given to low-income families who lived close to the skatepark and the beach area. I know the store’s owner and I offered to make this video. I captured a couple of images of the event, then I put them all together with some motion graphics.
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