After exploring various job positions within the Creative field I decided to go back to Motion Graphics. I invested a lot of time in myself, studying After Effects and doing research on animation techniques.

While I was browsing the internet I found this infographic and I thought it would look nice animated. Also, from the professional point view, being able to animate characters and to make an explainer video are good skills to have under the belt.

Creative Process
The hardest part was to separate all the assets on Adobe Photoshop. Since I didn't had the original file, I had to figure something out by myself. I have to admit here that this part was long and boring, and it made me thing several times if it would worth it in the end... However it was completely necessary to keep the project going.

You can see a couple of images of my WIP below.​​​​​​​
Work In Progress
After Effects timeline. Every piece was inside its own composition.
Premiere Pro timeline. Adding soundtrack and sound effects.
Infographic: Vibe Office
Illustration: Pele Chaengsavang
Animation: Fernanda Landim
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